Crowded House – When You Come

October 7, 2007 22 Comments
Tabstarkin asked:

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22 Comments to “Crowded House – When You Come”
  1. EGTycoon says:

    Great Japaneese band!!!

  2. this song grows on you

  3. nitedrive says:

    What a voice. One of the most distinct of his era. These guys were so f-ing great.
    Saw them live three times, and have rarely seen a band nail it like these boys could. Skill, humor, energy, sincerity.

  4. One of their loveliest songs – the other one of similar quality being “Can’t carry on” – in my humble opinion! :-)

  5. This has got to be one of the greatest drum rolls in a pop song. Paul Hester at his perfect best.

  6. ferball415 says:

    This renders pretty much all the music out right now as dogpiss.

  7. jaxheretoo says:

    The Words to this song just damn amazing!!!! AwEsUm SoNg!! LoNg LiVe CrOwDeD HoUsE!!!! ;D

  8. B0Nnaaay says:

    She came out of the water, in to my horizon,
    like a cumlonimbus…..
    GOD that is GREAT!!!

  9. Rockcritic97 says:

    The Passer bys in Japan wouldn’t know what had happened!!!

  10. yellofury says:

    I like how they give everyoen Gretsches to play on even Hessie!! fun video !!one of the best songs off their 2nd album

  11. TheAmbo38 says:

    I agree, but not just lyricist, his music is so beautiful, he is a one in more than a lifetime and I really can’t think of any other musician that can come close. He has it all

  12. Neil has been tarred and feathered in TALENT. No other lyricist has the insight or passion of NEIL! Gift from God!!!!

  13. One of their best songs

  14. Gharper23 says:

    they just dont make music like they used to.. Epic album.

  15. Lis2372 says:

    thanks for posting this. Temple of Low Men, one of my fave albums, and this song in particular is just flippin amazing.

  16. klchok says:

    My favorite song…Temple of Low Men is by far their best album…Thank you for the post!

  17. my favorit C. house song

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