crowded house when you come live

September 7, 2009 13 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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13 Comments to “crowded house when you come live”
  1. wha65 says:

    This song should have 100,000,000 views at least!!!

  2. SledDog1710 says:

    One of the rare times where Neil lets loose and shows a bit of jubilation…love it when Mark Hart is playing his solo, Neil prowls the stage and finally faces Paul as he wails on his kit…

  3. scotyerry says:

    love neil and his bro tim was as good,miss paul what a shame

  4. snakecraig74 says:

    Totally agree with you! Comparable to the Beatles in regards to songwriting? I think so!

  5. That’s what I’d like to know. How come more Americans don’t know them?

  6. Charmed19832 says:

    love this song, great vid, thxs:)

  7. mankwilliams says:

    How come more people don’t know how incredibly talented and amazing Neil Finn (and the rest of the guys) are?

  8. lifelike001 says:

    ay, what a total and horrific loss. i was living nearby at the time… if only wed known.

  9. agramsci says:

    Don’t you miss Paul? I can’t believe he took his own life. How terrible.

  10. doriedoodle says:

    Neil must have an incredible life. If his lyrics are any indication! :) WOW! Welcome back to the world, C.H. 2007 Can’t wait!

  11. jentwo says:

    Yeah, what kcarp73 said.

  12. doriedoodle says:

    Oh baby what a song

  13. kcarp73 says:

    Best. Song. Ever. Amen.

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