Crowded House – Weather With You

October 6, 2007 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “Crowded House – Weather With You”
  1. bonita

    actually the finn bros were born in scotland

  2. PteNelsonRCR says:

    I’m Canadian but am living in New Zealand and I must say I LOVE Kiwi music like this. Definitely timeless

  3. jake1606 says:

    Really stylish band… but not that many news since then… many many moons ago

  4. waazabie says:

    no, YOU don’t care.
    You actually think I care what you think about my post?
    Talk for yourself instead of behalf of youtube.

  5. New Zeeland my favorite country after Croatia….

  6. blurry67 says:

    I had a holiday romance that summer and we used to listen to this song in the car… then I went back home… miles away… little did I know we would get married eventually! :)

  7. Does anyone happen to know where this video was filmed? Sorry if it’s already been asked.

  8. majkelo82 says:

    Walking round the room singing stormy weather
    A fifty seven Mt. Pleasant St.
    Now its the same room but everythings different
    You can fight the sleep but not the dream

    Things aint cookin in my kitchen
    Strange aff liction wash over me
    Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
    Couldn’t conquer the blue sky

  9. CeLeTiiCa says:

    schwuchtel muzik^^

  10. xMadelienex says:

    I loved this song as a child!

  11. giggimax says:

    Nice song. Reminds me of my first job in 2000. I used to drive 45kms every week day to get there. I would play this song over and over whilst driving just to lift my spirits.

  12. kelticuss1 says:

    I lived on a Mountplesant ave when this classic was released,brings back a lot..

  13. dhron4444 says:

    a lots of good 90s memorys for my.
    much better than current days music
    i love this song

  14. Nemie125 says:

    Ah, this song brings back such great memories of my early 20′s – no responsibilities, no fear of anything, no worry – what a great time.

  15. ToxikMuzik says:

    good stuff, btw, if you guys like electro-house, n styles similar to fast foot and dj solovey, check out my channel for some good new music

  16. Enfirnity says:

    @waazabie we don’t care …

  17. jimipolo1 says:

    reminds me of me and my dad pure class!

  18. this reminds me of newzealand when I was a small boy good kiwi music aussies got some good bands too men at work and acdc dont know why they want too claim crowded house

  19. titov61 says:

    where is Tim? I guess they were not getting on so well when the video was made?

  20. Paxo469 says:

    Hi Lidia,how are you.,it was very nice to meet you yesterday,you seem really nice.Would you like to meet again sometime?Alan x

  21. RAVAD123 says:

    now that the weather’s becomming more and more spring-alike, it’s the perfect song to listen to. :)
    turns everybody into a good mood :D

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