Crowded House, Weather With You – Somerville Theater

December 21, 2009 9 Comments
KimJongSurge asked:

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9 Comments to “Crowded House, Weather With You – Somerville Theater”
  1. Enfin2010 says:

    yeah not impossible – they used You Sexy Thing as an interlude on the Crowdies/Midnight Oil Tour previously.

  2. staleyman13 says:

    I was there! Great show.

  3. xtrmodel70 says:

    the sound quality is awesome!!

  4. ebz92 says:

    In the start… is Nick trying to turn it into ‘You Sexy Thing’?

  5. Awesome! Thanks for uploading! Best part of this song for me was the airplane toss at the end (not seen on video here / but it brings it all back)

  6. KimJongSurge says:

    Ha, I know it’s funny — you should’ve seen me struggling with my video editing program after getting home, four or five beers deep. But like I say in my profile, I think of my viewers for 22 hours a day.

  7. seanrndhd says:

    Aaah those Crowdies. They’re so talented they can even leave the stage before the song finishes! ;)

  8. It may be quick, but still lovingly put together. I love it, thanks for uploading.


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