crowded house weather with you live

May 8, 2008 6 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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6 Comments to “crowded house weather with you live”
  1. sergegrone says:

    AWESOME version!!! Love it when the Finn brothers perform together.

  2. itzjoeymac says:

    how bout a ‘split house’ or ‘crowded enz’ tour and forget the stuff that did not stick!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

  3. brenchen says:

    they’re back (as you’ve no doubt heard) and i’m seing them in hyde park in june! so excited ^^

  4. toribaker says:

    Oh they’ll come back to Chicago. Neil and Tim played here on the tour for their last album, so come the GREAT REUNION TOUR, they’ll be back. I’m as confident of that as I am sure I’ll be crying when they play their first song! In fact, at that Chicago show, Weather With You was the first song, and yes there were tears in my eyes because I was so happy to seeing them. You can imagine what I’ll be like when it’s Crowded House!

  5. mspencer1015 says:

    A great song from one of the best bands ever. Why don’t people in the U.S. appreciate them more?! Neil, please come back to Chicago.

  6. coyotex says:

    ThereĀ“s something about this song that makes feel so good inside of me.

    fucking great song!!!!

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