Crowded House – Weather With You (Live Earth 2007)

May 22, 2008 21 Comments
anyswe asked:


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21 Comments to “Crowded House – Weather With You (Live Earth 2007)”
  1. awesa says:

    Haha, in the original line up both drummer and bass player were Australian.haha

  2. haha and there not aussie at all there kiwis

  3. 123marije says:

    Totally amazing!
    veryveryvery NICE!

  4. darkarty1 says:

    this was amazing

  5. i wish i was there with Tanya

  6. barthoekstra says:

    The setting in which this song was played made it the best song for me at Live Earth. Wish I could be there…

  7. I remember this..amzing performance. Butler, Missy, Crowded House…everybody, a perfect ending of an awsome concert :D

  8. anyswe says:

    Yeah i agree, no problems :)

  9. BubbleSheep says:

    fantastic song – and very well sung live. brilliant.

    thanks for uploading

  10. vedder12 says:

    Cool, thanks for the info.

  11. marionettej says:

    it is that girl in the video playing the piano.. she is missy higgins.. an Oz singer

  12. vedder12 says:

    I don’t mean to sound stupid, but who’s missy?

  13. avangarde says:

    Awesome performance. Love it. :)

  14. clemcham says:

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  15. thijsderoo says:

    It’s still hard to see the band without Hessie,

    Hessie R.I.P!

  16. ebz92 says:

    These guys are just to good to be true.

  17. missahallie says:

    best performance of live earth australia
    crowded house rocks

  18. “you can fight the sleep, but not the dream”… you go Neil. Fantastic Performance

  19. lordcroesus says:

    Goddamn..11 years since they said goodbye and they’ve still got it…

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