Crowded House Weather With You Jools Holland Later Live May 11 2010

June 10, 2010 9 Comments

Crowded House perform the classic Weather With You on Jools Holland Later.

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9 Comments to “Crowded House Weather With You Jools Holland Later Live May 11 2010”
  1. scotchcoke says:

    search for ‘petition to ask Neil to lose the moustache!’ on FB..It won’t let me post a link for some reason

  2. denizm75 says:

    @scotchcoke I need the URL for this…must join…LOL

  3. snackleforkofemir says:

    Is this the version where Neil mis-reads the cue card and finishes too early?

    Saw it on TV this morning, Jools rushes in and CH then do a half verse and chorus of “Better Be Home Soon” and finish bang on time!

    …………………… love the ‘tache!

  4. louise196 says:

    Well Done!

  5. symmie666 says:

    Tache Rules!!

  6. scotchcoke says:

    I love this band!!!!!!!!!!! (there is a petition on facebook to remove the moustache!!! LOL!!!!)

  7. seaandbells says:

    lol that moustache, mr finn shave that off!

  8. MsSheWillHaveHerWay says:

    Thanks for this…will probably be a while before we get this episode of Jools in Australia :-)

  9. MsMeatscience says:

    Great song, really not sure about Neil’s mustache, though!

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