Crowded House, Weather with you

September 13, 2007 23 Comments
markk70 asked:

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23 Comments to “Crowded House, Weather with you”
  1. crowbar086 says:

    Seen them live in Tipperary either ’93 or ’94 amazing they were!

  2. dorcik93 says:

    @pimgta – Man, you won with ‘singing emo’ thing. I laughed really hard xD And anyway, Mark isn’t emo at all.

  3. cabbaze says:

    best live band ever ,saw them live 18 years ago

  4. I love Mexican Waves…so much fun. IF a rugby game was boring, the highlight would be the mexican wave!!

  5. NippyRadams says:

    That was genius how he got the crowd going in the middle. :D

  6. jerramy says:

    Now that is why you have to go see your favourate bands live. There is just no comparison with listening with an ear plug or sharing with thousands of others with real live performers.

  7. SpencerIves says:

    Mark Hart, former keyboardist of Supertramp and now the keyboardist and backing vocalist of Crowded House.

  8. may60089 says:

    @scandals7 It was the PINK Pop festival…..

  9. gmansi says:

    OK no problem. Better be home soon is a great song too.

    I wrote on spanish because I answer to another post on spanish.

    Anyway you are right with your point.

  10. wilsonkrm says:

    De acordo pero para mi la mejor es Better Be Home Soon. And you guys that have problems with other languages you should at least make a minimun effort and search for a translator in google.
    No ofense.

  11. shpankyfunky says:

    brilliant performance.gotta love his haircut!!! :x

  12. jimboz1985 says:

    he’s talking about all the arms up in the air clapping in time.
    i’d love to have that kind of reaction from a crowd :)

  13. pimgta says:

    english please

  14. gmansi says:

    Tienen tantas canciones buenas que para mi es difícil elegir una….

    Tal vez me inclino por Fall At Your Feet o It’s only natural

  15. pimgta says:

    Hmmm looks hell lot like michael jackson.

  16. pimgta says:

    who’s the singing emo next to neil….?

  17. scandals7 says:

    “look at all that pink flesh, it looks wonderful”……WEIRD!
    I play and love the song though.

  18. MuzzikLvr says:

    Crowded House reformed a few years ago and are still together. Just on hiatus.

  19. meli740 says:

    i like the refrain

  20. alreadyou says:

    where r they now,have they packed it all in,why ?i just love this music,thet sonud like the fab 4…

  21. JamesJetlag says:

    Mwaha… I was there: it’s the concert where it started raining during the ‘Take the Weather’ song…. something amazing happened there…Cause it had been dry all the time before !

  22. Excelentes Crowded House, y su mejor canción.

  23. doktorkev says:

    This is the best live version I have ever heard of the this song. WoW!!

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