Crowded House Tribute

September 6, 2008 19 Comments
quotingnapoleon asked:

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19 Comments to “Crowded House Tribute”
  1. Mepamper says:

    I’ll have to pass this one onto my professor friend who teaches audio and productions in the industry at one of the universities.. He loves these types of montages and compilations! Sublime one!

  2. Neuskica says:

    Yes indeed !!!!
    So beautiful that one can´t stand it !!!!
    Bravo !!!

  3. genesis4kt says:

    I love this song. Wow…

  4. crixus says:

    I like the “Dick Bros” reference with the blacksmiths in the video ;-)

  5. This song is so beautiful. Just… Amazing. I have no words.

  6. Marillionmad says:

    Wow omg Marillion hint here and omg ths is amazing well done :d SEE! people say its hard to be origanl! HELLO Marillion and this group hmmm ORIGINAL? and actually not Mainstream

  7. pirate259 says:

    Just a minute,the start of this video,looks like me on The Lady….

  8. badjesus666 says:

    Just reading the story it sounds like the magic mushroom inspired teachings of the ancient mystery schools which became the bible, or the peyote inspired beliefs of some of the Native Americans. I reccomend the book DMT The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman.

  9. I’m blown away. I love this group! I can’t believe noone’s signed them yet. The mere fact that they wrote a song about Emily Dickinson “has me at hello”, but the vocals are great and I love the mellow vibe. Best of luck, guys!

  10. cliftonin says:

    Quoting Napoleon,Rusting

  11. carpevidere3 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just got talking with Rose Allen about getting together for a shoot.
    Love you guys.

  12. noalex5 says:

    please, can you said me the name of this song?¿ thank you

  13. cestlouise says:

    gorgeous voice!
    great band – you take my breath away!

  14. krishnaspal says:

    Truly one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Meaningful lyrics also. A beauty.

  15. calandrea says:

    I know, I already have that one:) But, I like this group so much…I want more! Thanks any way RWhitewings!

  16. RWhitewings says:

    they already have an album out that you can get on itunes or at cdbaby . com. hope that helps.

  17. calandrea says:

    This song is so beautyful, so addictive…Intense. I just love it! Do you guys have plans for a new CD any time soon? If -YES- let me now, because I will be ordering my in a heartbeat! ;)

  18. RWhitewings says:

    i love this song so much. John’s voice is so rich and deep and you are such talented musicians. the lyrics are sensational. The video was great. This song makes me happy.

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