crowded house this is massive live

May 27, 2009 18 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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18 Comments to “crowded house this is massive live”
  1. sullysnet says:

    @Elbemarle ahh :) I thought so and yes it is a lovely mullet :)

  2. Elbemarle says:

    @sullysnet – sorry – yeah, I was kidding! Just giving the ol’ Horse a bit of guff on the haircut. ;-)

  3. sullysnet says:

    @Elbemarle that is Eddie and not a chick xD

  4. mn9130s says:

    I had forgotten just how GOOD these guys were back in the day. Fantastic !!! I love the way Neil keeps playing with all the streamers on his hands & doesn’t miss a beat.

  5. bellars25 says:

    Isn’t that Eddie Raynor?

  6. Elbemarle says:

    That piano chick is HAWT!

  7. ebz92 says:

    I just realised that it was this song Crowded House teased the crowd with at the second of their Melbourne gigs last year… awesome :)

  8. langkawi13 says:

    This is an awesome song! Is that snow thats falling all around them? If it it thats really cool!
    This was one of the songs that we played at Schoolies last year every single day more than once! We all ended up running around the house singing it haha

  9. ebz92 says:

    What a stellar song!
    sweet as !!

  10. davidbolan says:

    Where’s Mind Over Matter from this concert?

  11. davidbolan says:

    Geez Neil, you can’t sing this song for squat!

  12. musicjaygirl says:

    This actually works!!!!!!!!
    1)say the name of the boy or girl u wanna be with for the rest of ur life 2 times
    2)say ur bestfriend name 5 times 2 ur self
    3) then post this to 5 videos and then press f8 and you will see your crushes? name on the screen

  13. itfnz says:

    Paul sang it on See Ya Round, the last Split Enz album – I’d never heard Crowded House sing it. Cheers.

  14. antzw says:

    yep i wish paul sang it ,i was at that show at ch 9 melbourne

  15. Rest In Peace, Paulie!

  16. musicmumbler says:

    One of the best tunes on “See Ya ‘Round”. RIP Mr Hester.

  17. tokenjr says:

    i’ve never heard this song before….pretty neato

  18. xfinnxgurlx says:

    Awsome….but Paul should’ve sung it. It’s his song…

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