Crowded House – There Goes God

November 3, 2008 12 Comments
SelmanAndyyy175 asked:

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12 Comments to “Crowded House – There Goes God”
  1. I know, you have to love those Finn boys.

  2. Tanuki071973 says:

    @teacherlady66 I agree but this song was co-written with his brother Tim.

  3. Tanuki071973 says:

    This song was written by Tim Finn and Neil FInn together. I believe it’s Tim’s chorus. Where’s the picture of Tim?

  4. doesn’t he wear red, though?????

  5. veloboy says:

    I’d like to believe…

  6. Neil Finn is an amazing poet. His lyrics are incredible linguistic marvels that others just stumble around over.

  7. Brilliant Lyrics:

    “…and he can’t stand Beelzebub, cause he looks so good in black.”

    Another Crowded House gem.

  8. unmensunshne says:

    your right but Paul Hester was from Melbourne-Unless he came here when he was very young.His parents are jazz muso’s from there also.Nick is from oz and his brother plays with hunters & collectors.You should be proud of the Finn bros-They are as pure as the ‘all blacks’…Dragon were another N.Z band that were awesome.Your right N.Z music deserves the credit for giving the world some brilliant music..PS carn the wallaby’s.

  9. Crowded house formed in N.Z and wrote there first album in N.Z. Niel Finn and Paul Hester both x split enz are Kiwis.Listen to all the lyrics.Most songs are tied to N.Z.Crowded house based them selfs in melborn to reach the rest of the world. N.Z kiwis true and through.

  10. LimaLima95 says:

    Great song from a wonderful band, amazing talented singer songwriter. Neil Finn thankyou for your songs!

  11. PlasmicSteve says:

    The instruments sound like the studio tracks but the vocal sounds overly loud and dry… is this is master track or something?

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