Crowded House Thekla Social Bristol news

January 7, 2010 8 Comments
waffleyone asked:

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8 Comments to “Crowded House Thekla Social Bristol news”
  1. ‘Community bash’, oh I see where Bingo wings got the wrong idea from now. Ho ho ho. ;-)

  2. Johnfillmore says:

    The Jam? Had no intention of re-forming. The g uy just made it up!!

  3. nrlois says:

    I’m MADLY in love with you, Nick Seymour!

  4. waffleyone says:

    Wasn’t it just! Glad you had a great night too.

  5. wimps says:

    We came, we saw, we loved it! A great show by a great band.

  6. danielreal2k says:

    thanks debs , will show tabi :)

  7. waffleyone says:

    I’m hoping to get time this evening (I got a bit snap happy oopsy), there’s a few up on my LJ for now x

  8. danielreal2k says:

    whooooooo :D pics debs ? lol hehe

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