crowded house thats what i call love live

September 30, 2008 12 Comments
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12 Comments to “crowded house thats what i call love live”
  1. pennmannfinn says:

    Anyone that loves this tune NEEDS to buy the DVD-audio version of this CD. It’s re-mixed by Neil (and others) in 5.1 channels. If you have surround sound, this is absolutely a must-buy. I can’t even explain how good it sounds. Putting your ear next to the center speaker and hearing Neil’s voice all by itself is indescribable.

  2. ebz92 says:

    Neil’s forever randomly changing the lyrics to the songs…
    a good example is the outro of ‘Distant Sun’
    it changes by at least a line every time.

  3. ebz92 says:

    This song is so unerrated!

    it’s awesome!

  4. sullysnet says:

    great SONG!!!!!

  5. mccormack9 says:

    Eddie is fantastic on the keys on this one. Wished I had seen him play w/ the band in the mid-late 80s.

  6. bizillcizole says:

    Why are the lyrics in the chorus different? I think the album lyrics work better.

  7. har9020 says:

    My favorite CH song. I heard an even better live version of this song on the radio (and I managed to tape it) just a few days before I saw them play live in 1987. Wish I still had that tape.

  8. christie44 says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting!! In my humble opinion …the BEST CH song…please post more!!

  9. christie44 says:

    This has always been my fave CH song…thanks so much for posting!!

  10. merrimad says:

    Thankx for the posts Dankx! Been looking for these deep cuts.

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