Crowded House – Sunrise – Pt4

January 30, 2009 15 Comments
chrismawn asked:


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15 Comments to “Crowded House – Sunrise – Pt4”
  1. Betchadupa is slang for “You Bet Your Ass” I think there’s some Polish derivation.

  2. Aberjan says:

    that beard is awesome…

  3. ebz92 says:

    aparently on stage during the ‘Time on Earth’ tour… someone broke the news to Neil that the Dixie Chicks (when performing Silent House Live) don’t actually credit Neil at all… (Neil almost always credits them when singing it live) and Neil was pretty upset about it, and said that he’d cut down on the credits….

  4. imusbcraz says:

    Can’t we have both Liam and Lisa? No reason Crowded House can’t have as many members as Arcade Fire. ;)

  5. brenchen says:

    hmm, I actually prefer Liam to Lisa. I just think he harmonises better. Kind of like when Tim was a member

  6. canbilli says:

    lyrics to silent house were co-written by the dixie chicks believe it or not. about their lead singer’s grandmother who had alzheimers. appears on the last dixie chicks album I’m told. Music unmistakeabl finn. youtube the works silent stowe and you’ll get an amazing acoustic version

  7. medevac007 says:

    this track “silent house” is another bonafide masterpiece from finn.I cant help but thinking its about Hessie. R.I.P.

  8. D4rKsideBob says:

    keep the beard Liam, why be a sheep and follow the rest. Good on you mate.
    Crowded house are superb! I saw them live in Finsbury Park in the early 90′s. Excellent then, awesome now!

  9. tommywm24 says:

    He plays in a popular New Zealand band ‘Betchadupa’

  10. Lose the beard Liam…You look older than your dad…

  11. imusbcraz says:

    Yeah, I just fiqured that out on the Frenz forum. Thanks DH. ;)

  12. doublehanded says:

    Guy with the beard is Liam Finn, Neil’s 26 year old son :)

  13. imusbcraz says:

    Who’s the guy with the beard? He’s pretty good, but he’s no Lisa Germano. Time for her to be an offical band memeber. :)

  14. gal00li says:

    did they really play live at that unearthly time of the morning ….most bands couldn’t hack it ..but neil finn is such a professional, it doesn’t surprise me..respect man …you are something else…

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