Crowded House – Sunrise – Pt3

April 21, 2009 8 Comments
chrismawn asked:


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8 Comments to “Crowded House – Sunrise – Pt3”
  1. cantrip19 says:

    theres liam in the back! im going to see him in boston in october. gonna be cool.

  2. shaefinn says:

    and then they both had a peice of chocolate cake

  3. ebz92 says:

    this is my favorite song of alllllll time!!

  4. KDANTEATER says:

    I heard this hand for the first time at Live Earth. I watched some of their original music videos and they have obviously matured so much. It is like listening to Bob Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind,” like listening to a completely different band. Yet what they have is magical.

  5. Actually I think he says “I can’t believe it’s over” and then follows that up with “Don’t stop now”. Kochy’s on fire!! Evidentally this woman’s husband did not get Locked Out and this may indeed have sparked a few Whispers and Moans.

  6. chrismawn says:

    i think he says “thank god its over” too! haha

  7. itunesCH says:

    Don’t dream its over

  8. chrismawn says:

    Quite a funny Kochie moment at the end, when the woman talks about “sharing a very intimate moment with my husband to a nice crowded house song” Kochie cleary not realising his mic was on said “Don’t stop now”?

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