Crowded House SOUNDCHECK with PS22 Chorus Part 2 of 2

May 29, 2009 8 Comments
agreggofsociety asked:


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8 Comments to “Crowded House SOUNDCHECK with PS22 Chorus Part 2 of 2”
  1. LeHag says:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT….Go the kids, Go Crowded House. It’s all very group hug!!

  2. GWBsux says:

    This is one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen — absolutely amazing!

    Thanks for posting this…

  3. leanda27 says:

    very good vid. thanks most treasured always.

  4. pantherpawed says:

    This is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen on Youtube. This song is an anthem Downunder – you guys do such a beautiful job.

  5. Tori Amos is an extremely talented singer / song writer no doubt about that, however Neil Finn is a total legend. I rate him as the best singer/song writer alive today

  6. eccary1 says:

    Gregg, I really admire what you are doing to nurture these kids’ interest in music. I also loved the look on Matt’s face and the pure joy evident with them all – even John, the guitar tech!

  7. ebz92 says:

    That is just to good…
    these kids have serious talent,
    it’s just beautiful…

  8. prfctday says:

    Greg… is that Niel Finn!!!! are you kidding me? I have missed what you guys have been doing lately!! For many many people this is as special as singing with Tori. Would love to hear your gang singing Four Seasons In One Day and Distant Sun!! :D

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