Crowded House Songtwister. can you crack it?

May 19, 2008 4 Comments
crowded house
spirit of radio asked:

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4 Comments to “Crowded House Songtwister. can you crack it?”
  1. sues says:

    aww bless ya have a cd of theirs and i shall play it tonight
    havent played it for a couple of years thanks

  2. Linda M says:

    Cute Avatar
    Is that cat blowing a kiss or holding it’s breath?

  3. Yes, I think so. I love them too.

    1. Distant Sun (one of my favourite songs ever, utterly beautiful)
    2. It’s Only Natural
    3. Fall At Your Feet

    Edit: Aw, thanks, spirit of radio, for your… um… offering. I’m sad to say that much as I love you, my heart belongs to Johnny Marr. ;-)

  4. agree with wildamber lol

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