Crowded House – Something So Strong (Live Earth 2007)

April 21, 2010 21 Comments
anyswe asked:

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21 Comments to “Crowded House – Something So Strong (Live Earth 2007)”
  1. rohan3au says:

    I was there, epic concert. The whole place would have been SO dark if it wasn’t for the big ass screen up the back set to plain white.

  2. SpencerIves says:

    I like how Matt hasn’t tried to replace Paul in a sense, and has brought his own drumming style and personality to the band. And considering he is 10 years junior to the other members, he makes them sound a bit more “youthful” in a sense. Especially with Liam playing live with them.

  3. ebz92 says:

    just the look on his face, makes him look very scared, with the lights off and everything… spose it’s another one of those faces he makes when he’s playing :)

  4. bigskyn842 says:

    Neil Finn is one of the greatest singer songwriters ever!!

  5. bigskyn842 says:

    (you mean borderline, I think?) and am not sure what you are talking about….?

  6. ebz92 says:

    the look on Neils face at 1:41 looks boarderline creepy lol!

  7. kevlevy says:

    no one better.

  8. ebz92 says:

    no words can describe how amazing this band are!

  9. Yeah it was definitely the Gennies that died out i the end it had nothing to do with Francesco Calvi (Lighting Designer)

  10. jimbradda says:

    i just realised i like that song

  11. capevideo says:

    Ha, they were using so much power,they over loaded. So much for saving energy.

  12. mysterysurf says:

    The new drummer’s great, but yeah, I miss Paul’s wonderful personality in the band’s recent performances I’ve been seeing clips of.

  13. tsefcik says:

    It wasn’t the lighting guy – the generator that powered everything except the PA system ran out of gas…

  14. slrerapz says:

    great song!!! but i’m really sorry for the technician who was in charge of the lighting… the ogranizers must have killed him afterwards ;-)

  15. ctpelican says:

    Crowded House . . . need we say , more? Turned in the best set at Live Earth!

  16. samoolol says:

    lol at neil constantly saying ‘turn me up’

  17. sullysnet says:

    great song and great performance but Paul is missed

  18. Great song, kiwi legends!

  19. tsefcik says:

    Funny thing about this band – they get EVEN BETTER when something goes wrong. Shows you what they’re made of. This is a great clip – as good as they sounded all night!

  20. anyswe says:

    plz comment!

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