crowded house sister madly live

November 20, 2008 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “crowded house sister madly live”
  1. jimbobv8 says:

    I remember seeing Paul busking with nothing but a few boxes,a pedal, a cymbal and just sheer unbelievable talent, humor, and humility. Talent the likes off his only shows up every now and then. He crowded the house. Sadly missed. RIP

  2. bronbasil says:

    Brilliant song – my fave of all their tunes! Such clever lads!

  3. mzbehav1ng says:

    No matter how long has passed, I still get tears in my eyes when I see Paul Hester doing his thing. He is definitely missed.

  4. drakkas666 says:

    such a loss for the world

  5. carleyrocks1 says:

    mental illness can affect anyone
    we miss you soooooooooo much paul
    it seems only the good die young
    rip , keep rocking , as only you can xoxoxooxox

  6. this video is amazing, they were having so much fun together. even though i’ve always had a heart for Neil Finn, Paul was always the humorous one, the one that got the laughs. sadly, i’ve never seen them live, and now i never will. Paul, i don’t know why you did what you did, and i will never fault you for it because i don’t know what was going on in your mind, but you have left us all with an amazing sense of hilariousness, and of extreme talent. i thank you for that, and i love you!

  7. TheAmbo38 says:

    Apart from the beautiful and brilliant songs Crowded House produced they also had a brilliant sense of humour and have fun performing, Paul was at the forefront with this. He truely is a great loss not only for Crowded House, but music in general

  8. steviemax147 says:

    ‘Hey Paul give us Tina one last time’

  9. accuristau says:

    What a terrible loss he was….

  10. AdderSIG says:

    Well, it’s not the version on “The world where you live”, but it’s pretty good. Love the jokes they play on this one.

  11. npwd says:

    Awesome. R.I.P. Paul…I still get a lump in my throat watching this.

  12. 23flowergirl says:

    My brother said this song may have been written for me….:( Excellent song.

  13. ronranz says:

    Paul’s energy was the life & pulse of this wonderful band
    R.I.P. sweet soul, eternally we miss you xxx

  14. This song rocks, and I was one of the mad (pre-middleaged) fuckers up front in Perth in 2007. Loved it. But it’s not quite the same without Paul cutting sick up front on lead drums. Sleep well, Paul, you fucking legend! Rock on!

  15. PoombyRoomby says:

    crowded house rules…enuff said

  16. lafangeal says:

    I like the live version better, lol which is unsual because usually the live versions arent as great, but i guess that tells you about real bands right?lol

  17. It seems Paul’s chocolate joke has been cut from this clip.

  18. 44donut44 says:

    The new drummer is goodish… but what moment compares to Paul coming down the front with that snare and symbal and going absolutely fucking beserk? Nothing. That moment is mine forever.

  19. lafangeal says:

    THIS IS MY FAV SONG….well one of a thousand of em, but i still llove!

  20. dorcik93 says:

    God, it’s GREAT!!! Funny stuff ;) ) I heard one version of this song, maybe from concert titled “Four seasons in one day…” in 1993, where they made a mistake and they started to talking. It was very, very funny =D. I’ve got audio, but haven’t seen video ;/ Have anybody??? ;) )

  21. The energy level of this tune is ample enough for at least five songs. Systematically.

  22. JW0523 says:

    Crowded House KC, MO Aug 19, 2007 be there!!!!!!

  23. freia2000 says:

    indeed. The world is just that little bit more sad wihtout Paul. RIP you beautiful man.

  24. langkawi13 says:

    Love this song, i like all their songs this one is great though

  25. LauraShines says:

    I so love this song (all their songs) and will echo what a sad loss to the world it is not having Paul Hester in it.

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