crowded house sister madly live

April 10, 2010 7 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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7 Comments to “crowded house sister madly live”
  1. simonhead666 says:

    I remember watch this whole show on Television back in 1988 or 89.. not sure.. Anybody know where I might be able to get the full version?
    the encore is awesome!!

  2. ramadarose41 says:

    i absolutely love this video, thanks for sharing it!! they look like they are having so much fun, and i crack up every time i hear Paul talk about “lube up”! LOL CH remains my favorite band of all times!

  3. dorcik93 says:

    What does “lube up” mean? Sorry, I’m polish and I don’t understand a couple of words ;) )

  4. cool i have this one on dvd it is gr8

  5. 72miche19 says:

    Absolutely wonderful-reminds me of when I used to get homework instead of give it!

  6. langkawi13 says:

    I love the start when he says ‘lube up’ and neils facial expression and neil shaking his head while walking away;)

  7. kolbenhtq says:

    super chingona rola!!

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