Crowded House – Silent House – 8.28.07

February 28, 2009 16 Comments
MuzzikLvr asked:

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16 Comments to “Crowded House – Silent House – 8.28.07”
  1. It was actually a collaboration by both the Dixie Chicks and Neil Finn. It’s about the loss of the DC’s grandmothers and Neil’s lonliness as his younger son (Elroy) moved out. If you look at both lyrics the first half more or less deals with Neil’s feeling of loss and the second the DC’s loss. It’s a fantastic song.

  2. Kiwisplat says:

    while it is technically about one of the DC’s grandmothers, i think the song resonates about Paul…at least implicitly. It is some kind of response to grief and loss and I think that’s what Neil gets out of it.

  3. me, too. at least his music and lyrics! the best. neil is the best.

  4. MuzzikLvr says:

    Definately not meant to be taken literally…especially with Neil Finn lyrics. Though I would like to frame him and hang him on the wall.

  5. ronhelf says:

    hmm, is everything meant to be taken literally and biographically? so songwriters can’t tell fictional tales?

  6. badders31 says:

    Christ! I saw an interview with Crowded House. Neil Finn spoke of how he met Natalie Maines and then he and the Dixie Chicks co-wrote the song. People need to relax – this is music, not a competition.

  7. 2rainbowed says:

    Would you all give it a rest??? I mean, normally, do you sit there and wonder how many songs on Crowded House are written by them? I doubt it. Ditto for the Dixie Chicks. The song was co-written. It’s about Natalie’s grandmother, unless Neil wrote it about a cross-dresser, OK? They are both great artists, just different people and sounds. Jeeez.

  8. DokterL says:

    This version is way better than the way those Chicks play it..and by the way there are no credits towards the Chicks on the latest CH cd so according to that the song is originally written by Neill

  9. canbilli says:

    It’s a Neil Finn tune. The D.C’s provided a majority of the lyrics as it’s written about one of their grandmothers. So their version isn’t the ‘original’. The writer gets that credit. They put it out on record first….just to let you all know.

  10. raverman411 says:

    uh just ot let you all the dixie chicks wrote this for their taking the long wya album in 2006 so uh they did the original

  11. noeuro says:

    In the closet hangs your favorite dress…

    Seals it.

    Unless Paul was a cross dresser.

  12. 2rainbowed says:

    Maybe another here will know how the 2 got together to write this. Banned from 3/4 of radio stations here in the “Land of the Free” HAH, the DCX toured for 3 years now overseas, since this blackout. Listen to songs from the latest album “taking the long way”, they now have a rock flavor b/c of it. A good thing from a bad one. Write me and I’ll steer you to some incredible stuff. And funny stuff too. -dovetrees

  13. 2rainbowed says:

    No. But check the website w-w-w chicksrockchicksrule for TONS of downloadable DXC songs and interviews from a devoted fan. I HATED Country music but checked em out for pissing off the President, and found I like them a lot. That site is from a fan, BTW. Thanks for posting this. Never heard Crowded House before either!

  14. MuzzikLvr says:

    I had never heard the Dixie Chicks version, but checked it out after reading your comment. I liked it despite my not being a fan of country music…(I just can not get used to the twang.)

    Do you know how it came about that Neil & Natalie wrote this song together?

  15. 2rainbowed says:

    People really dissed the Dixie Chicks for their performance, but I think it’s unfair.. two very different people wrote the song from different genres, so of course they are different. The only DCX vid I see of it from Austin Limits pales to a VH1 Storytellers version banned from YouTube. However, this is my favorite version of the song in the end.

  16. noeuro says:

    I love how the Dixie Chicks have to say “two single beds” for the American audience. They wouldn’t really get the point of “two beds” as in the original. But then its variation which is always good.

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