Crowded House – She Called Up

August 30, 2007 24 Comments
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24 Comments to “Crowded House – She Called Up”
  1. nodysseus says:

    Weird video, but the song is great. Puts me in mind of seventies music for some reason…

  2. you made my friend and i love…..threw your music….he was the fan…..i just learned…we have a date to see you again……still learing, and appreciating your talent….your lyrics…as he is to m

  3. tonveryam says:

    Excelente video!!!

  4. Talk about ugly kids

  5. ankanankan1 says:

    this band looks strange , i mean they are pretty young

  6. anniegi64 says:

    have loved CH from the get go, never heard this one. but this is so beautiful, the kids are priceless and so into it!. LOVE IT!

  7. curt1030 says:

    thanks for the perspective. i hadn’t realized this is about Hessy, but now, duh, you’re absolutely right.

  8. jibg2002 says:

    0.41 y 2:07, jajajajaja

  9. An intelligent & sensitive way of dealing with tragedy: both the up tempo nature of the song and the cute video.
    It isn’t immediately obvious what it is about – I was looking for the ‘Hester’ song on this album and overlooked this lighter poppy song.
    Typical Neil Finn, sometimes just too clever for us, the music-buying public!!!

  10. robo1998able says:

    this school must be in the north island

  11. Timthewicked says:

    Maori kids, by the looks of it.

  12. feenibeeni says:

    Only just listened to the lyrics today and realized this is about Paul Hester (who committed suicide in 2005).

  13. Nah its more recent than that, in 2007 sometime I thought

  14. tojiroh says:

    I very much like this.

  15. AfrOmaNtiS says:

    no its quite a recent song its been on new zealand music channels only for a couple of years at the most

  16. Maria75824 says:

    I think this song came out in the ninties.not very weell knowwn but a great song .

  17. anotinette says:

    YEah i think this vid is really cute as well the kids look so natural.Thanx 4 the vid

  18. Is this a New Zealand school? … Everytime I see this video, I’ve been curious about the story behind it! … It must have taken a long time to film and capture the expressions on the kids face’s etc.

  19. deogolf says:

    2007, I do believe.

  20. what year did this song come out in ?

  21. 19shadows70 says:

    Which movie?

    This songs ROCKS :D

  22. whackedfreak says:

    cuuuuuuuuuuute :) )))))))))))))))

  23. NiniNoa says:

    Love the video! The song is good to, but the movie is almost even better! :)

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