Crowded House – She Called Up

April 6, 2009 24 Comments
musich3ad asked:

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24 Comments to “Crowded House – She Called Up”
  1. aohletsgo says:

    Can’t wait for Crowded to tour again. They were fabulous in ’07.

  2. thalkettoth says:

    2:18 cutest kid!

  3. ptp019 says:

    This is a sensational song written about an awesome man.

  4. juancaquita says:

    Amo este video! No me canso de verlo. Me llena de alegría y emoción…son todos esos pequeñitos tan entusiastas y con sus caritas llenas de inocencia…hermoso. Does los bendiga a todos estos y los de mundo entero.

  5. beelaker says:

    priceless video…the kids and the song ROCK

  6. Bartola7 says:

    This is just priceless – my favorite is the little dude on the big bongo. :)

  7. My favorite is the little girl with the braids who does the last “gave me the news.” She is just into the music and the emotion the whole time. I can’t stop watching it.

  8. I love the “delirious sleep” girl! LOVE HER!!

  9. lkopjksj says:

    hahahahahhaha they are soooooooooo cute!!! i love, love, love this video! :) ))) they made my day! haahaha the girl at 2:20 she is so pretty and ambitious:)))

  10. xcyca says:

    2:22 leaves Pavarotti for dead! R.I.P. P.I.R. when you turn 18 I’ll marry you! Don’t let tha door hit u whr tha good lord split u! MWA!

  11. xcyca says:

    That’s a bet! I’m sure he could teach Animal from The Muppets a few new tricks!

  12. lisylooby says:

    This is just plain gorgeous, great song, the little girl with no front teeth and a blue hair tie is so enthusiastic, makes me happy every time I see it.

  13. i love this video it’s adorable
    and yes MeandCass, that kid is rocking his ass off. =]
    i personally like the tamberine girl. she reminds me of my cousin. adorable

  14. ebz92 says:

    These kids are aparently from Te Awamutu primary school… (where Neil went to school). And aparently Crowded House didn’t star in the video clip themselves because they didn’t have time to film it considering they were on tour…

    Can’t remember where I read that or who told me… but it rings a bell.

    So cute!

  15. MeAndCass says:

    Is it just me or is that kid on the drums rockiing his ass off? :]

  16. fuckitdoit says:

    This video never ceases to humour me… Especially the 2 boys at 1min 17secs to 1min 20secs… hahaha

  17. 07Anni07 says:

    It’s just awesome x)

  18. I love this video!

  19. ddidinho says:

    really funny and intresting:))))

  20. tweetka17 says:

    hehehe x) respect … beautiful

  21. vixx97 says:

    awesome vid!!!

  22. Aww. They all look sorta scared when the song ends, lol.

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