Crowded House – Saturday Sun Video (Smurf Inversion)

June 11, 2010 15 Comments

This is a color-inverted version of the original Saturday Sun video, which had a trippy photo-negative effect applied to its entirety. Here we can see the boys reveal their inner Smurfs.

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15 Comments to “Crowded House – Saturday Sun Video (Smurf Inversion)”
  1. uluru28 says:

    @Tiawamutu – they are definitely painted blue in the physical world. My theory is that this is how the video was originally meant to look. They could always just change their skin tone digitally if they wanted to make the negative look weird, the pain seems unnecessary unless they were going for a real-world effect

  2. Tiawamutu says:

    Great version uluru.
    Did they actually get painted blue before they recorded this video to make the negative effect look weird?

  3. qutaiba7 says:

    Crowded House always had artsy videos, if you look at “Don’t Stop Now”, “Private Universe”, “Four Seasons in One Day” … etc, then you look at this, you get the feeling that they have no budget to make a video… very disappointing to be honest.

  4. ClanlessCaracal says:

    :D love it!

    On a serious note though, with the strangeness of the images anyway, I can at least see what’s going on..

  5. segadreamer says:

    I prefer the other one… They looks like avatar, And love the negative colours, with the light variations.

  6. richieconst30 says:

    i have to agree this a much better version than the official, i love the smurf look especially matt sherrod very funky!!!!

  7. proudpom says:

    Much better than the official inverted version, which just made me think there was a mistake with the video encoding or something.

  8. ascha2l says:

    this version is bearable, but weird nevertheless.

  9. Asmodera says:

    Didn’t have the tools & skills to do this, so thank you for uploading!

  10. posiepusher says:

    Great job, I like this better as well! Thanks for uploading. :-)

  11. MsSheWillHaveHerWay says:

    Excellent.! Thank You.

  12. NRGMaMa says:

    I think I like this version better.

  13. Viho73 says:


  14. krlr89 says:

    Very cleaver :)

  15. finngirl76 says:

    Awesome job :0) Love it

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