Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Recurring Dream

May 17, 2010 25 Comments

Crowded House playing Recurring Dream at the Albert Hall, the opening song of the night

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25 Comments to “Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Recurring Dream”
  1. scotchcoke says:

    love love love this!!! Neil’s guitar solo is so…mmmmm!

  2. sistermadlyus says:

    this is excellent video of this concert, great song now if they could only take that screaming chick out of the background

  3. qpr01 says:

    I remember hearing this in a Mel Gibson film. I Think it was Tequila Sunrise – or something…Great song. Odd that it wasn’t on the Recurring Dream album!

  4. leanda27 says:

    audio very good and yr close up to the stage which helps us who arent there to get a feel of being in the RAH. fanx for the vid

  5. Bennyboy1985 says:

    This is such a great song, I never heard it until their ‘Afterglow’ album. Apparently they recorded this song in 1985, a year before their first album. I don’t know why they didn’t put it on their first album. It’s such a great, dreamlike song. So very Crowded House.

  6. icanwaitanotherday says:

    Sounds about right! Neil is still so gorgeous!

  7. yokohinatatsu says:

    neil`s guitar sound makes me remind clear blue sky with wind blowing

  8. Greatfox200 says:

    unfortunately it was never released as a single

  9. abt833 says:

    I dont know of an official video. Im new to crowded house except for some of the songs from the 80s

  10. inthemerde says:

    is there an OFFICIAL video or ‘NOT LIVE’ clean video of Recurring Dream?

  11. alitwigg says:

    This hits the G-spot everytime, long, short_ who cares. Feel it.


  12. AMD1969AMD says:

    josh – you’re missing the point. they’ve actually recorded the song two ways – one with one verse and one with two verses (most fans prefer the one verse version i’ve learned). they’re performing the one verse version here. crowded house is known for atypical song structure – take, for example, weather with you and hole in the river. perfect examples of atypical song structures – but the songs still rock. who gives a flip about “proper” structure!

  13. deckard1569 says:

    love this song!!!! wow great job on drums by matt

  14. baranyandi says:

    God, I love this song!

  15. canbilli says:

    have to remember also he often forgets verses and parts to songs…wouldn’t you with 000′s of songs in your reportoire? can be very funny at times.

  16. Loopan says:

    Sorry Joshua – I have to agree with the other guys on this one – I don’t see that it denigrates the song – plus I was there and this was just awesome as was the whole show.

  17. joshualucas says:

    settle down. im all for the improvised jams CH integrate in their shows; it makes the songs more suitable/engaging for a live performance. but omitting a whole verse as they do with recurring dream is a different story altogether, and denigrates the overall structure of the song. would you like something strong if it went straight to the bridge after the first chorus? it’d sound wack.

  18. joshualucas says:

    huh. no i mean with its second verse so the song has a proper structure.

  19. canbilli says:

    that’s the beauty of this band – you get something new, fresh and different at every concert. Want the recorded version ? – stay at home and listen to the CD. want to see true musicians at work? – Neil Finn & co are in the groove. love this version, and the other versions I’ve heard. wish i was there

  20. tellygonebung says:

    Which way is that? Not the god awful Ricky and Pete Sound Track version? His voice sounds like he’s taking a funny turn. :-)

  21. joshualucas says:

    wish they would play it the way its recorded.

  22. svdkous says:

    Great close ups, especially of Neils guitar playing.

  23. canbilli says:

    take a look at Matt Sherrod around 2.20. that’s a face of a man who loves ehat he’s playing

  24. 5150sah says:

    wow! Great quality – thanks for posting all these from RAH – I too was there – spine tingling night!

  25. tellygonebung says:

    I Keep playing it and keep grinning.

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