Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Pineapple Head

May 28, 2009 13 Comments
abt833 asked:

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13 Comments to “Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Pineapple Head”
  1. I was there. I cried too. I stayed in my seat (in the stalls) because I hate crowds, so thanks for the vid! God they’re good, aren’t they?

  2. leanda27 says:

    another good vid fanx.i loved the last part of the song when neils looking up in the front to the audience in the upper teir singing the shark lyrics to the song. he has a beautiful voice and smile .love the man

  3. Tangoedout says:

    Love this – he loves a bit of crowd participation doesn’t he?!?!?

  4. alitwigg says:

    At least one of those paper planes came from my laddie. He had a great night, best music, happy people and paper planes as a little diversion. What more could a young lad ask?


  5. coogee433b says:

    Did anyone get any footage of the paper aroplanes being thrown?

  6. markysteeps says:

    I was up to the left. What a magical, magical night. It was my first time at the Albert Hall and what a fantastic place to see the band. I reckon I cried 5 times, and I could see I wasn’t the only one. AND I’m a bloke!

  7. abt833 says:

    Neil looks so happy 5 minutes 30 seconds into the video. Not sure if its because the crowd have just run to the stage, or the paper airplanes starting to fly over stage from the audience.

  8. bollards….its not is it.


  9. Not a bad sound…considering its a bass.


  10. abt833 says:

    Santa was Matt Sherrod the drummer. Lucky I had the camera ready for it.

  11. Greatfox200 says:

    I think that guitar that Santa had has also been in the hands of one Noel Crombie

  12. cathio says:

    Anyone know who was in the Santa suit?

  13. ascha2l says:

    Hey you were just in front of me! Who were those annoying girls with the deely boppers, glowsticks and poster they kept holding up in front of Neil?
    Excellent concert and great footage – thanks

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