Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Italian Plastic

April 29, 2009 14 Comments
abt833 asked:

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14 Comments to “Crowded House – Royal Albert Hall – Italian Plastic”
  1. scotchcoke says:

    this must have been really hard for them to perform. But they did a great job!

  2. enz9999 says:

    Thanks for sharing Hessie’s song.
    A brilliant band…
    lovely to see this song up close rather than from miles away in a huge venue.

  3. baranyandi says:

    What a great trip, revisiting these memories on YouTube. The best gig ever, and a top band.

  4. Me too. Gold. RIP Paul!

  5. Tangoedout says:

    I love this song – and it was weird seeing Mark doing neils harmonis – but I have been wanting to see this – they didn’t do it in Brisbane!!

  6. seoulstar says:

    This made me cry. Thankyou for posting it.

  7. sullysnet says:

    miss Paul and his energy in this song and behind the drums :(

  8. abt833 says:

    Thanks for liking the video. I’ve always wanted to be camera man. I might look into it more now

  9. maxington26 says:

    AMAZING video! I wish I had been there… seen the boys here and there a few times over the years and they never disappoint.

    Excellent camera work btw, considering it’s filmed from the crowd – you should be a pro, if you’re not! :)

    Thanks for sharing this stuff.

  10. dorcik93 says:

    Hard to watching this, it’s Paul’s song.
    But great performace :)

  11. Kiwisplat says:

    yep. the late paul hester.

  12. brring says:

    best crowded house song!!!

    didn’t the drummer write this?

  13. emma52577 says:

    the people in back of you were so loud! i love neil finn

  14. mackla123 says:

    thanks for keeping us updated on the tour -looks like you got a good seat! Also ts great that they did this song that Paul Hester wrote

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