Crowded House – Rove Part 2

January 30, 2009 15 Comments
chrismawn asked:

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15 Comments to “Crowded House – Rove Part 2”
  1. simonhead666 says:

    Most Television shows have horrible sound for the performers..Always a bit of a crap shoot

  2. trunkeight says:

    1st time i ever heard Neil off key! he IS human!

  3. vedder12 says:

    Neil always looks gorgeous.

  4. Neil looked absolutely gorgeous

  5. joshualucas says:

    even veterans arent always match fit. neil was singing fine, it was those dorks flanking him.

  6. edthefrog says:

    ok is it just me or is neil singing off key?

  7. stratmad says:

    great to have them back. great to see liam on stage with his father too.

  8. skoejoetoe says:

    Een album wat met de dag mooier wordt.

  9. markc1972 says:

    Bum note alright – but it was Neil. 43 seconds in…

  10. elsieowl says:

    Why yes, that would be it. Dear Nick. :)

  11. turtleboy411 says:

    i was so pissed off that they sold out in melbourne. was 8 when the seperated, and now they are back and i still cant see them :(

  12. I think Neil is laughing at the bum note that Nick plays right at the beginning. Listen closely, real bad note!

  13. elsieowl says:

    Meant also to add that it’s great to see Matt coming out more and more. Really exciting.

  14. elsieowl says:

    What is Neil cracking up at in the beginning–was it visible on t.v.?

    THANKS for posting it! Although I am the slightest bit worried that his hair might be growing into a… a mullet–eek, did I say that?!

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