Crowded House – Rove Part 1

August 23, 2009 24 Comments
chrismawn asked:

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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Rove Part 1”
  1. itsleviooosa says:

    neil finn is the kiwiest person i know of lol

  2. kylehudson00 says:

    Exactly, Mark Hart was a huge part of Crowded House.

  3. pjmaher78 says:

    i saw em at live earth 07!! the best!!

  4. Saw them both nights in Melbourne: check out my recording! :D

  5. ebz92 says:

    Yeah, despite being Australia, I would have loved to hear what Mark and Matt had to say about it all…
    although, these guys are hilariously funny.
    saw them live in concert in November in Melbourne… they had us in stitches.

  6. Kiwisplat says:

    Mark Hart worked on Together Alone and was close friends with Paul. i think it would’ve been great to see them interviewed, they are a part of Crowded House. Though yes it is an australian show and they might have been busy.

  7. hannahmwalsh says:

    For most people, those two members ARE Crowded House, it wouldn’t make sense, nor be fair to invite the other two on, because they simply weren’t there in the previous incarnation and didn’t know Paul. They’d essentially sit there twiddling their thumbs while the usual questions were asked.

    (+ Crowded House are Antipodean, not just Australian!!!)

  8. cnh1572 says:

    looking for a video from aussie or nz television covering crowded house tour debut in dublin. i watched it about a month ago and now can’t find it…..

  9. PawPrints24 says:

    ok yeah i get ya but it is true though

  10. note my emoticon that I ended my sentence with to indicate that I was joking

  11. PawPrints24 says:

    But it is an Australian show though…

  12. alkadypod says:

    YOUR RIGHT thier rapport is still there theyre so cool :D

  13. this was hilarious, i love those two!

  14. Oh sure, don’t invite the two American members of the current lineup to the chat ;)

  15. Jaycee895 says:

    You must be a joyful happy person

  16. whochick says:

    Thanks for posting this – it was a crack up!

  17. kcarp73 says:

    Nick smashing that guitar was pretty hot. SO glad the boys are back!

  18. dan388 says:

    pashing, $20, plus roves “not rock enough” remark (who does he think he is?) did it for me… adding to previous shit such as fart jokes, jokes that nobody laughs at, jumping in baked beans or having cockroaches put on him.. where does it all end? and you’re telling me you like Rove? please!

  19. dan388 says:

    so do you like the rubbish “$20 for 20 questions”.. please! For a good interview, check Andrew Denton on the ABC and turn off Big Brother and Channel 10, YOU culture-less person.

  20. forgil says:

    What a stupid, ignorant and ‘baiting’ post.

  21. HolyCodecs says:

    OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I had to work that night and forgot to tape it. :(

  22. canbilli says:

    rove is so lame. my 10 y.o. nephew would do better.

  23. Thanks for posting this! I completely forgot to watch Rove, damn it!

  24. dan388 says:

    Roves a loser.. crap interview.. “not rock enough” – he really needs to die.

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