Crowded House Recurring Dream

April 30, 2008 19 Comments
dancinfool1972 asked:


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19 Comments to “Crowded House Recurring Dream”
  1. Your pictures are amazing and beautiful!

  2. Hey Niptuckfan2007! Glad you enjoyed it, such a great song, I love to drive to it, don’t have as nice a car as Michelle did though but who cares!

  3. Kinda scene’s from the Southside of Bruce Hornsby to me. Great stuff!!!

  4. Cool song from when I watched “Tequila Sunrise” in the 80′s. My did this song take my soul watching Michelle stream down the highway in her cover! Reminds me of my Mazda Miata!!

  5. You are welcome, its a good one to get stuck in your head!

  6. Thanks for posting this, I got this stuck in my head

  7. MrBlowme69 says:

    One of my faves.

  8. My sentiments exactly!

  9. That’s exactly where I first heard it. Honestly their best song and it only gets played in that film! Although its worth watching it to oggle Mel Gibson! Great film and top song, especially for driving to!

  10. femkefataal says:

    I just started watching the movie “Tequila Sunrise”, and they are using this song for a certain scene, and I immediatly stopped watching it, just to look up this song :)

  11. zilam98 says:

    wonderful pics to such a great song!

  12. Naraol says:

    It’s so good! Yeahhh!

  13. tjbarry2 says:


  14. MmCc567 says:

    I would say it’s one of my favourite songs of all time.

  15. Naraol says:

    Certainly! Thanks again!!

  16. Hello Naraol, you are welcome, I am happy to share this one, it deserves to be on You Tube!

  17. Hey MmCc567, it really is an amazing song isn’t it, I think it may well always be my favourite song.

  18. Naraol says:

    This song is beautiful, so beautiful.
    Reminds me of a dear friend.

  19. MmCc567 says:

    love it best by far

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