crowded house recuring dream live

June 29, 2009 25 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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25 Comments to “crowded house recuring dream live”
  1. mogenlogen says:

    I always listen to this song in my ipod when I’m out running. Gives an extra energyboost!

  2. such a great song, so underrated, always surprises me how many people know the album name but not the song

  3. anoel36 says: encanta!

  4. steviemax147 says:

    1987 eh, je’s it feels different, LOL

  5. oddzNenz says:

    I LOVE Neil Finn

  6. lommaren says:

    haha, that’s true!

  7. sullysnet says:

    you got it, if you do not move to this song you must be dead :)

  8. lommaren says:

    this song could be a Christmas song, it could be a summer song, it could be a love song, an energy song, everything! I use to listen to it whenever I’m out running, when I get tired, I just start to jump it’s crazy!

    Love it!

  9. kennyinblack says:

    Magic song, in their heyday i would , tremendous

  10. inthemerde says:

    Tequila Sunrise…the shot where michelle pfeiffer drives the convertible with this one playing on the background, beautiful!!

  11. inthemerde says:

    yes that was what I meant, a music video…its a shame.

  12. ebz92 says:

    Do you mean a single release + music video?…
    I’m an avid Crowdies supporter, and I’ve never come across one… (unfortunately)
    strange that it was never released as a single though…

  13. mogenlogen says:

    Me to, Hooper actually contributed to the songwriting of reccuring dream. They had an awesome sound at this consert.

  14. Tangoedout says:

    I remember coming home from a party and watching this in the little caravan we were staying at! I loved this concert – I use to watch it over and over!! Love this song – loved their brief Mullanes period and I often wonder what they would have sounded like if Craig Hooper had stayed on!!!

  15. inthemerde says:

    Is there a ‘NOT LIVE’ video of Recurring Dream? I couldnt find it on youtube…!!?

  16. ebz92 says:

    Just watching this again for the millionth time…
    This is probably the best live rendition of this song I’ve ever heard on youtube
    (I haven’t been lucky enough to hear it live myself!)

  17. rewindbttn says:

    This is their best song

  18. ebz92 says:

    I have a feeling it might have been an over dramatized jump?

    and did Neil trigger the boom?
    looks like he hits something with his foot just as it goes off….

  19. sullysnet says:

    LOVE this song :) thanks for posting

  20. Did you notice Eddie Rayner on the keyboards jump when that boom went off in the beginning of this video? No one else seemed bothered by it. I just noticed this.

  21. ebz92 says:

    I have just fallen in love…… with Nick’s bass line.

  22. mogenlogen says:

    Such a great song like most of Neils work!!

  23. krissynurse says:

    I so love this song. In my book CH is the greatest and most talented band ever! I love these guys!!!!

  24. Thanks so much for posting this, this is one of my fave CH tunes and I’ve never seen them perform it… maybe on the tour? I can dream can’t I!

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