Crowded House – Questioning The Security – Glastonbury 2008

December 1, 2007 23 Comments
johndehaura asked:


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23 Comments to “Crowded House – Questioning The Security – Glastonbury 2008”
  1. anguspaula says:

    110 ,168 166 142 your sacked lol

  2. beatlefan75 says:

    #110 for President…lol

  3. shakswak says:

    Crowded House were one of the best bands of the weekend and the security guard stuff is pure genius!

  4. tcs1988 says:

    in between songs? anyone can do that – this is within the song!

  5. Ha ha. This is great! Crowded House have always been excellent at banter in between songs.

  6. tcs1988 says:

    “we know who they are… specialised security, but we won’t let them win, they build a wall between us…”


  7. zilam98 says:

    gorgeous indeed–if only this vid were in sync to the audio…

  8. zilam98 says:

    crowded house = the best in humor and music…ever!!!

  9. zilam98 says:

    what a tough job it must be for a security guard who’s also a crowdie. ;) who couldnt resist crowded house music and sense of humor?

  10. Helz1 says:

    I was in the crowd at this one, we had such a good time singing along and dancing around in the sunshine and Neil Finn was so funny as usual. This brings back great memories of one of the highlights of an absolutely amazing festival!!

  11. joannecpage says:

    Thank you so so much for this upload. I was there and it’s brought me many happy memories of that day and the whole festival!

  12. HyundaiLatte says:

    lol ” 166 you know who you are” i love Kiwis sense of humour especially Neils lol XD

  13. colinx87 says:

    Neil finn, YOU are a legend. They are awesome, love the humor and banters they use when playing live.

  14. walleyrange says:

    Seen them in Liverpool myself, have to agree one of the best gigs ever. Neil Finn is a legend

  15. seen crowded house in liverpool on wednesday not a big fan but one of the best gigs i have ever seen superb live and top fellas

  16. gazzambm says:

    was there in the crowd and crowded house were absolutely brilliant, awesome.

  17. Love it, thanks for the upload, cheers.

  18. sufcmatt says:

    That’s strange on the Friday 168 had a fanclub I was there and we were making fun of him 4 his muscles and calling him a legend! :D
    next day he gets called a legend! haha

  19. basilcox says:

    why do people underate crowded house – they are great entertainers, go to one of their concerts – ENJOY YOURSELF !!!

  20. ammanfordlad says:

    this was a amazing spectacle

  21. baranyandi says:

    Crowdies are the coolest, kindest band ever.

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