Crowded House & PS22 Chorus THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND ME 2008

February 3, 2008 17 Comments
agreggofsociety asked:


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17 Comments to “Crowded House & PS22 Chorus THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND ME 2008”
  1. JESmedley says:

    Fantastic, Mr. B! Such an amazing opportunity; wish I lived closer to NYC!

  2. minidee91297 says:

    I’m in the fronttt =)

  3. longbody01 says:

    I cried when the choir came in.

  4. DharmaJones says:

    You’re correct it was written by Mark Seymour for Hunters and Collectors.

  5. stratmad says:

    Nick as in Nick Seymour? I thought his brother Mark from H&C wrote this or have I got it wrong all these years?

  6. woydogz says:

    yea as porky said hunters were the first to perform it. Nick wrote it and sings it with such passion its amazing.. i dont think i have ever heard a split enz cover of it but i now the crowdies do an amazing version of it.. keep up the good work.. im seeing the crowdies tomorrow night in conert

  7. porkyrong says:

    great video
    split enz was the band with tim finn, neil finn, paul hester and others
    hunters and collectors was the band with mark seymour that originally performed this song

  8. what a lovely song he has made this his own with the kids it brought a tear to my eye, trace from glasgow, scotland

  9. Markfly says:

    Thanks for making me cry. :) )

  10. WRSRLOVE says:


  11. Gregg, just happened across your videos of you and the kids with Crowded House. The videos and the kids are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing! Keep up the good work.
    - Paul, Scotland, UK

  12. louise196 says:

    This video is my fabourite video of 2008!
    Truly Amazing! Thank you so much.

  13. laurae2667 says:

    i was there , and they were great!!! the band is a great bunch of men and made the kids feel at home!!

  14. skyemedia says:

    I was there, and I have chills all over again just watching this. SO AWESOME!

  15. starsha316 says:

    Amazing…is all I can say. I wish I was there. I hope when I come to NY I can see you guys perform…I think I would enjoy seeing the choir before seeing Spamalot (or another one of my favorite musicals).

  16. KpcEpf says:

    I *was* there, and it was amazing!! I hope there’s some way to purchase this performance on cd or mp3 to support their music program.

  17. mrsjones14 says:

    This video makes my day, I wish I would have been there.

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