Crowded House & PS22 Chorus PRIVATE UNIVERSE live!

August 19, 2008 10 Comments
agreggofsociety asked:

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10 Comments to “Crowded House & PS22 Chorus PRIVATE UNIVERSE live!”
  1. JEMCO2008 says:

    well done What fun

  2. mrchard40 says:

    that is very cool! u know this guy works his butt off trying to make these special moments happen for these kids! and let them experience the rockstar/musician life and that people actually make a living making music!

  3. JoyOfSocks says:

    And this is exactly why Crowded House are so immensely special. Neil, your voice still makes me melt after all these years.

  4. c2274swen says:

    Bravo !! Major cold chills

  5. pantherpawed says:

    Beautiful! Made an old Aussie happy!

  6. Edan96 says:

    I was at this show. P.S. 22 did a great job. keep on singing!

  7. undelete88 says:

    Well done Gregg and kids! You rock :D

  8. starsha316 says:

    You guys are so fantastic. What a blessing it is to watch your choir perform. Makes me want to go back and finish my BA in Music Education. Thanks for what you do.

  9. clurwitch says:

    We saw you guys there last night – you were fantastic!

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