crowded house private universe live

July 31, 2007 23 Comments
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23 Comments to “crowded house private universe live”
  1. @IlMagnolo Something about the way Neil sings “Feels like nothing matters, In our Private Universe…” makes me sure that yes, yes this IS.

  2. Estupendo directo de una de las mejotes canciones de Crowded House

  3. IlMagnolo says:

    THis isn NOT private universe!

  4. One of my favorite songs by them, along with four seasons in one day.

  5. climbon74 says:

    O.K. that rocked would have liked to see more of Hester in that song especially during the drum session.

  6. Andromaca82 says:

    Amazing song from an amazing band, one of my favourites ever.
    I was only fourteen when this concert took place and I lived too far away from Australia at that time (I still do) but I would have loved to share such a magic moment with so many people. I get goosebumps whenever I watch these videos.
    Thank God I got to see them live in 2008 and they were great, perfect, just as usual. I missed Paul, though.

  7. GrahamSolo says:

    Fantastic setting. Fantastic band. Fantastic track.

  8. fuzzypossum says:

    Brings tears to my eyes to this day. I love the addition of the lap steel he’s playing

  9. chargrave says:

    This song, one of their best, has incredible atmosphere but the acoustic version on Afterglow is even better, imho.

  10. therrydicule says:

    … Feck???…Are you from Scotland?

  11. Feck me, what a setting for such a great song…even a Kiwi would be impressed!

  12. Rockcritic97 says:

    Neil named this as his favourite song he ever wrote.
    Couldn’t agree more.

  13. robbish1963 says:

    Would have loved to have been there. I would have swapped it for the Live Aid concert in ’85 if that was poss!

  14. I remember watching this concert live, i so wished i was there, it was f**king awesome. One of the best group of musical artists ever.

  15. Mariekesone says:

    I can tell Aaron when i listen to your music…Neil is a great songwriter, the split between the brothers going solo was the best thing that could have happened to them…
    Something richer always flows out of that..Although Split Enz always brings back good memories too!!…

  16. Another ethereal classic from CH! Neil Finn has been one of my biggest songwriting influences.

  17. ady10001 says:

    Excellent version of a great song

  18. Lovely song – my all-time favourite Crowded House song.

  19. LindaBuglass says:

    too cool, wonderous song…

  20. flyhalf2006 says:

    I was there. Remember it very well.

  21. carol1free says:

    …and it’s a pleasure that I have known,
    and it’s a treasure that I have gained,
    and it’s a pleasure that I have known :)

    great song

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