crowded house private universe live

January 1, 2010 13 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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13 Comments to “crowded house private universe live”
  1. poodtang1 says:

    Most music NOW is McMusic that’s been run through the corporate machine.

  2. marshawright says:

    Nice Video lolz, my names Sofia, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Sofia-gndyvlhjam chat soon ;)

  3. MozFan69: happy to hear from you!

    thanks, for reminding me to listen to this particular song.

    nice way to end a beautiful sunday evening.

    greetings from austin, texas.


  4. MozFan69 says:

    Cheers, indeed! Yes, he is quite the poet and he IS beauty. There are few that compare to Him!!

  5. wow, I’ve heard this song so many times, but this version gave me chills! so many layers and I love neil’s lovely soft voice w/the driving bass and mark’s crazy slide. great percussion section too, neil finn=genius

  6. to MozFan69: isn’t neil just wonderful? so happy to hear him. this is quite beautiful.

  7. excellent song…why can’t bands of this years play such great music!!!

  8. poopsun says:

    retch. Awesome performance, slide guitar was brilliant and maori percussion. Just wondering, who was the white “maori” conga player? Looked a bit out of place… lol

  9. wahwahkits says:

    this is simply stunning

  10. MozFan69 says:

    This is one of only a few bands that I have seen that sound almost better live than on the album. Neil Finn is a great poet, true romantic and gifted musician. Thanks for posting.

  11. My favorite CH song.

  12. tahoeabbo says:

    Love this song, girlfriend and I have named her house Private Universe, we go there when we need to re-affirm our love, in our own space, “Feels like Nothing Matters”

  13. ManicBaby says:

    This is EXCELLENT song!! (sorry that videos shivers a lot :/)

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