Crowded House playing at the Mountain Winery, Bay Area, CA

May 8, 2010 16 Comments

This is Crowded House playing Four Seasons in One Day. Halfway through the song the power is shut off due to a 10:30pm curfew. They then lead a sing along with the crowd, and segue into Better Be Home Soon. This took place only a few hours ago!

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16 Comments to “Crowded House playing at the Mountain Winery, Bay Area, CA”
  1. kamarie65 says:

    Even HD footage doesn’t look it’s best on here, trust me, but sometimes the content is more important than perfect image quality. This is a gem. Thanx for posting!

  2. Elbemarle says:

    Beautiful. I was at this show, and I still am.

  3. candyaunty says:

    That was a memorable night. (We were sitting by that guy you can hear yelling “We love you, Neil!”)

  4. blackgargamel says:


  5. tsefcik says:

    Definitely – in this case, turned a a concert into a campfire ;-) Very cool.

  6. trentsgirl79 says:

    Neil Finn… The most amazing showman on the planet.

  7. mizzreznor says:

    Mr. Finn the jolliest person on Earth–LOVE THIS thnx 4 posting : D

  8. tutequila says:

    I was that night, unforgetable, the best live experience I’ve ever had. I travelled all the way from Argentina to see them.

  9. jroo2k6 says:

    I was at this show. Man, they really enforce the curfew at this place! 10:30 on the dot and they pulled the plug. Great save by Mr. Finn. We all left with a story to tell.

  10. zebrassnake says:

    that’s fantastic. I love Neil! I saw them the following night, and it was an awesome concert. They always deliver. LOVE THEM!

    Thanks for capturing this great moment. :)

  11. bobthemelbournian says:

    That was so awesome! lol Live Earth all over again, except this time it was the PA and not the lights…You guys were in fine voice!

    And with regards to compression, it’s a bit pixelated, but it sounds just fine.

  12. CCH115 says:

    haha good video…vision4bg hahaha. That was really funny.

  13. jsnell says:

    a weird but awesome ending to an awesome show.

  14. vision4bg says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’m actually a bit disappointed at how Quicktime has compressed the video… how does it look on other systems? Should I reupload?

  15. MuzzikLvr says:

    Awesome video. Good to see that Neil didn’t let a little thing like power stop him from finishing the concert. As he said in San Diego…”Fuck the curfew!”

  16. Shaggynz says:

    mate i saw these fellas playing at the greek theatre the night before in LA. surprised so many americans like em! unfortunately didnt meet any kiwis there.

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