Crowded House – Pineapple Head Live Thekla Social 2007

November 7, 2009 13 Comments
mikegray asked:

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13 Comments to “Crowded House – Pineapple Head Live Thekla Social 2007”
  1. spin doctors? are you on crack?

  2. gapgirl9 says:

    OMG i’ve fallen in love… YOU ROCK

  3. Picnic10 says:

    There were several bands mixing very old forms of music with the ‘new hippy’ feel of the early 90s- eg Spin Doctors, R.E.M. and Crowded House. The recurring tune in this song sounds inspired by the medieval ages. It’s a very compelling mix, The early 90s deserves to be regarded as golden age of eclectic music.

  4. They’re fantastic. He’s pretty much flawless live! Just drills it

  5. mal334455 says:

    i agree…we should see more of them

  6. nutcrackr says:

    wow now this is quality, how are they so good live? just blows my mind.

  7. AilleCat says:

    *happy sigh* us girls got tix for the US Opening show at The Calvin Theater in Northampton, Lesbianville, USA.

    I am happy as… well…. a lesbian in Noho!

  8. neilfunn says:

    So good to see them back together. Awesome.

  9. drewlang says:

    Great quality, they are on top form an obviously enjoying the banter – the bath webcast also was superb
    Cant wait to see them !

  10. TTVIDS says:

    Brilliant vid Mike, thanks so much :)

  11. salty59442 says:

    wow..nice vid….wish I’d have been there!

  12. waffleyone says:

    Thanks for sharing *happy sigh*…what a night!

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