Crowded House – Pineapple Head

March 9, 2010 14 Comments
terej2lle asked:


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14 Comments to “Crowded House – Pineapple Head”
  1. paralettic says:

    Great song…thanks

  2. i love that song. its so unusual !

  3. Recurring Dream is a greatest hits compilation, not an “album” really.

  4. CAROLCM22 says:

    i love this song!!! great!

  5. ailienhippy says:

    i loves this song

  6. wownimba says:

    Neil is not from this planet… he was dropped here by a spaceship.

  7. pe4cefrog says:

    My fav crowded house song! love it!!!!

  8. gabby63929 says:

    love crowded house so much. love their album ‘recurring dream’

  9. gabby63929 says:

    bloody good song :D

  10. terej2lle says:

    Isegi ei ole, peaks kuulama :)

  11. AntjaDec says:

    oeh (L)
    viimasel ajal jälle nii suur CH vaimustus peal:D
    Muide, kas sa Neili poja Liami laule oled kuulanud? :) Päris head :)

  12. lovely song, cheers for putting this up :)

  13. terej2lle says:

    Found them in the net :D Google, Yahoo and other places. Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it :)

  14. dorcik93 says:

    Great sliteshow :) I’ve seen about half of them, but the rest I see for the first time. How did you find so many rare photos?

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