Crowded House on stage (Hessie’s Shed)

March 30, 2008 25 Comments
citizenbuck asked:

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25 Comments to “Crowded House on stage (Hessie’s Shed)”
  1. Kevinc3014 says:

    Hi when did you hear that do you no when it will be released

  2. that’ll be a real “sheetload” of enjoyment! (“can we edit that, a sheetload?” can’t wait!! ;-)

  3. bjnorton says:

    Can’t wait for that!!!! love the show!!! miss ya hessie.

  4. MFA1971 says:

    I have just found out that a DVD of “Hessie’s Shed” is being prepared for release.

  5. reichwaldnyc says:

    So many, many memories of growing-up in Melbourne and of my days @ Monash Uni spent listening to CH…fills me with yearning and pathos for a time and for a fantastic rock band that has now long passed…RIP, Paul…dsr

  6. whyohwhy999 says:

    Lyrics from Try Whistling This (Neil)

    “He said come here
    As he pushed me down..
    Impossible to do”

    Hessie certainly inspired many of Neil’s lyrics

  7. Aussiedoll1 says:

    i remember the exact place and what i was doing when i heard that Paul had killed himself, i wasn’t a huge fan of Crowded House at the time but i have since become obsessed

  8. Shilo83 says:

    Who knows what he was going through, but what a waste.

  9. vedder12 says:

    He was a great guy.
    It originally aired on October 31st 1998.
    It was the first episode of Hessie’s Shed.

  10. zuzuzptlz says:

    He asked” What’s the capitol of Tonga?”

  11. PDXKevin2 says:

    Paul Hester was hysterical. I was fortunate enough to see Crowded House when they toured for “Woodface” and “Together Alone”, and that man made a lasting impression. So sad he’s no longer with us.

    Does anyone know the original air date of this video??

    RIP, Paul Hester.

  12. nomiresabajo says:

    I don’t understand the last question and the answer, can anyone transcribe it? thnx!

  13. Ill cook for you guys!!!!!!! I’m half Italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the part about the violence. its so funny.

  14. thanks so much for posting this video !!!!

  15. soozll says:

    Thanx for this. Hysterical! I LOVE these guys. I sure wish I could have seen them on stage. Paul was such a comic. It makes me so sad to think he’s gone.

  16. wbulauitan says:

    I love paul hester.. I cried when I learned that he died… we’ll miss You Paul

  17. langkawi13 says:

    So flipping hilarious. I love it! All of it!

  18. What an awesome guy Paul was. He will be missed.

  19. maradei says:

    Thanks for posting this..a reminder of how great these guys were live.paul was a very funny man.

  20. toby1kenobe says:

    Paul Hester was genius live – i could still cry when i think about him dying.

  21. dalipardon says:

    Thank you for posting this! Love it! Watching this really makes me think about how hard it will be to replace Paul for the upcoming reunion tour…

  22. lakis007 says:

    Good site youtube!!!

  23. notoriousbhb says:

    Note that the fight they describe later showed up as a lyric in Neil Finn’s solo song “Try Whistling This”. The lyric is: “he said come here/as he pushed me down/
    impossible to do”

  24. MozFan69 says:

    “Nick and Neil, Darlings, a general apology for leaving…” Paul was such a character. Love him, miss him.

  25. wifeylaw says:

    Absolutely Great Clip!!!Thanks So Much For Sharing It!!

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