Crowded House on Much Music In My Command (2/13)

February 5, 2010 15 Comments
ChizelMonkee asked:

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15 Comments to “Crowded House on Much Music In My Command (2/13)”
  1. leanda27 says:

    oh didnt realise thanks for enlightening me as to wot nationanlity she was. french canadian hey . .

  2. Sevenof7 says:

    She’s no pom, she’s French Canadian. They don’t pronounce their h’s.

  3. Nigelxman says:

    If you have any questions for the band, ere is oww you get in tuch with us.

  4. Nigelxman says:

    This woman is simply unbearable. How they manage to not fuck with her is admirable. :-)

  5. leanda27 says:

    @Elbemarle nah its her accent. i quite like the way the poms lazily leave letters or sounds off the beginning of a word

  6. Elbemarle says:

    :-D I’m not sure why I leapt to her defense, though – she is pretty bad in general!

  7. leanda27 says:

    oh i likeit when someone corrects the corrector.

  8. Elbemarle says:

    @leanda27 -

    She said ‘ester, not Lester! If you listen to her even a minute or two, she drops her “H”s left and right: “tell me what’s your question and ‘oo is it for?”

  9. This is so much fun to watch! Thank you!

  10. pennmannfinn says:

    Wow, French Canadians are even more annoying than the French. She’s almost bad enough to be on MTV

  11. Markfly says:

    she’s awful.

  12. Elbemarle says:


  13. leanda27 says:

    yeah its hester not lester. thanks to nicks correction she still didnt get it. -kissy kissy. obviously didnt research her guests surnames.

  14. rtermite3 says:

    CH I mean. Sorry.

  15. rtermite3 says:

    Love CR and love this song but lacks the voice-ripping delivery and raucous brashness of the studio version.

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