Crowded House on Much Music Fingers of Love (4/13)

June 11, 2010 6 Comments

Fingers of Love on Intimate and Interactive At the release of Together Alone, Crowded House appeared on Much Music’s Intimate and Interactive performing and taking questions. Once of my favorite performances.See all 13 clips. In 1995 or so, I traded a Daniel Ash solo CD, 5 blank VCR tapes, and postage for 10 hours of Crowded House video. I couldn’t tell you the name of the person who did it, but it was quite a score for me. Some of it is pretty common, some of it obscure. I’m posting all the non-commercially available stuff. It is quite a project but another CH fan did me a favor 14 years ago and it is my turn to repay the favor. Watch all the videos and if you are a fan enjoy! PLEASE COMMENT, RATE, and SUBSCRIBE. I’d love to hear from you and I have dozens of more clips on the way!

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6 Comments to “Crowded House on Much Music Fingers of Love (4/13)”
  1. mintern1974 says:

    Awesome thank you so much.

  2. Sevenof7 says:

    Haha, was that Neil singing Bloody Well Right in the background? (Mark was in Supertramp) It’s an odd thing for Mark to be so chatty. What did they slip into his tea before show time?

  3. ahpollyolly says:

    Always did like the more intimate CH shows…and the old banter works well here… Really miss Paul though. Matt is a fine musician but feel the all round spirit of the band passed with Paul.

  4. barttheanorak says:

    Who’s the presenter? She’s gorgeous!!! (sigh)

  5. plantingseedsrecords says:

    wow i have these on VHS from back in the day…thanks for posting these on the youtube : )

  6. tsefcik says:

    Mark is almost chatty there ;)

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