Crowded House on MTV Jon Stewart show

October 16, 2009 18 Comments
roadraga asked:

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18 Comments to “Crowded House on MTV Jon Stewart show”
  1. unamuno42 says:

    what the what? who is hessie. Is that dirty sex talk? Like a Dirty Cleveland?

  2. Always to see a good band. Great to see they have lasted over 20 yrs. Doubt most new bands will even get close :P

  3. Whiteboy831 says:

    jon stewart had an mtv show? i didnt know that

  4. The Daily Show should have performances like Colbert does, right here it shows that Stewart once did

  5. hockley91 says:

    One of my favorite CH songs…the intro is just so layered with the instruments and it builds up really nicely.

  6. robtk says:

    this song almost brings me to tears everytime i hear it. thanks for posting.

  7. baranyandi says:

    It’s easy to see that if Crowded House had stayed together after this they could have been big. They seemed so “in” back then, they really fit the scene.

    Shame about Hessie, yes. It must have been increasingly difficult for them to keep up the act at this point.

    I liked this performance, despite the interesting mess-ups :) Crowded House at their most good-looking, IMO ;-)

  8. jmeangel76 says:

    Love it…My two favorite songs together. Thanks for posting.

  9. amyyy84 says:

    One of my favourite songs of all time

  10. fiveover says:

    The only thing wrong with this video is the Jon Stewart part.

  11. bevanmical says:

    “There’s no-one to blame”
    Paul the world misses you.

  12. SparkyCola3 says:

    OMG!! Jon Stewart, and Crowded House. Two of my favourite things in one video! Thanks for posting =D

  13. vaquera76 says:

    I think I prefer this to the album version. I like that it’s a little rough around the edges and Neil’s singing is more emotional. If only he didn’t mess up one the best lines he’s ever written. :-)

  14. cantrip19 says:

    yea, it seems paul knew he was gonna quit. but at least he was professional and didnt play like shit. but hes definitely missing that awesome energy he had, which is understandable.

  15. Yeah Paul looked a million miles away..I caught them in Dublin a couple of months later and he was gone,which was areal shame because he was such a big part of the live shows.This album has to be Neils masterpiece!

  16. citizenbuck says:


    I remember this episode. I remember thinking Paul looked so sad and worrying that he was either going to quit the band or something horrible. But I also remember they sounded amazing and wishing they’d played the full version of Nails in my Feet like that.

    I wonder whatever happened to Jon’s sidekick Howard.

  17. birdrulez says:

    old good Crowded House :)

  18. cricket801 says:

    Two of my favorite things

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