Crowded House on BBC’s Going Live

June 3, 2010 15 Comments

Crowded House on BBC’s Going Live. This features Hessie at his best…. This was circa 1992 and The band appear on the Saturday morning kids show…… only for Hessie to ask the best competition question ever!!!

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15 Comments to “Crowded House on BBC’s Going Live”
  1. wibblewobble85 says:

    probably the manakin tim doll! :)

  2. Middsyuwe says:

    Crowded House AND Dudley Moore! When did children’s TV get so intelligent??? These were the days. Have met Finn’s youngest son and wife but never the great, great man himself, which is a damned shame. Croded House forever.

  3. manalishi67 says:

    That was feckin’ hilarious!

  4. UKSundaeGirl72 says:

    I saw them that night in Portsmouth too! Missed going live travelling from Oxford though :) See Tim Finn at the front – he doesn’t seem to join in though? ;)

  5. alkadypod says:


  6. dorcik93 says:

    mhmmm I envy this woman… ;D kiss ;*

  7. taja1976 says:

    And the competition question is: “Which one of the band isn’t circumcised?!!” lol lol ;-)

  8. travismanor says:

    I remember seeing this at the time- They were on Johnnie Walker’s radio show just after and sang Better Be Home Soon. I see Mark Hart in the background before formally joining the band

  9. poorcata says:

    I saw them live that night – in Portsmouth, I think – and chucked daffodils at the stage in tribute to their Going Live stage set. Not sure they appreciated it.

  10. brisvegasfinnfan says:

    So the answer to question 1 is……

  11. PretzelLogic says:

    there’s a story about Sarah Greene, Hull University, a rugby team and a pool table – a story I am sure is not true so I won’t repeat it here.

  12. bobnfreely says:

    I love how they all scoff at the namby-pamby “English surfboard.” :o )

  13. pipoo1 says:

    That lady was the legend that was Sarah Greene, and believe me there were about 5 million boys watching this at home wishing that was them. I was one of them.

  14. langkawi13 says:

    I agree! That is hilarious! I love it!!!

  15. bobthemelbournian says:

    *dies laughing* oh my lord…how did that woman manage to carry on with both Paul and Neil trying to give her a hickey!? that is hilarious!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much for posting this, I love it!

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