crowded house not the girl you think you are

May 12, 2007 23 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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23 Comments to “crowded house not the girl you think you are”
  1. ToxikMuzik says:

    good stuff, btw, if you guys like electro-house, n styles similar to fast foot and dj solovey, check out my channel for some good new music

  2. bossyboo29 says:

    I can see how it would. It started to put me to sleep listening to it now. One of my all time favorite groups in the 80′s. I second that… “Long live Crowded House!”

  3. bossyboo29 says:

    Almost has that “Free As A Bird” quality about it. The song that John wrote and Paul, George and Ringo help finish with the help of Yoko Ono, years after his death…

  4. ramadarose41 says:

    this song sounds a lot like the Beatles, most especially John Lennon! Neil Finn is the greatest!!

  5. dorcik93 says:

    This song is so peaceful.
    When some tune gets stuck in my head I usually can’t focus on anything. Yesterday I had to read ‘Macbeth’ (boooring) for school and I just remembered everything (which is very difficult for me everytime) having this song in my mind.
    Also it helped me to fall asleep. Just put it on and flown away.
    Pure class. Long live Crowded House!

  6. jeffiegirl says:

    Stop your squabbling! the beauty of music is all that matters.Who really gives a f”’k where Neil is from?
    He knows how to write a tune

  7. BenKHouch says:

    INXS..Michael Hutchence..lived in UK…does that make INXS a UK band?…a band lives of 2 things the lead vocalist and lead guitarist….bass,drum rhythm…anyone off the street can play…thats what CH were..Neil Finn…and 2 guys *off the street*

  8. BenKHouch says:

    haha…the AUSTRALIAN farewell was in Sydney @ the Opera house…the REAL farewell was AFTER which was played at Auckland (either Aotea Centre or St James Theatre)which featured his brother Tim also

  9. MercedesO305 says:

    I’d name seven worlds collide in both its forms, or Neil Finn’s solo work.

  10. MercedesO305 says:

    Not all songs were penned by Neil. Hester also wrote some songs, aswell as some being written as a group. The farewell was also in Sydney. My point was that you cannot pin down one nation which they can call home, they are too diverse in nationalities and recording locations to make a call.

  11. BenKHouch says:

    @MercedesO305 recorded in US…thats because they were trying to break the US and european music markets…which is very hard to do for australasian music..and if im to be 100% realistic…they didnt achieve…because if u asked 100 americans who crowded house were, none of them would know…a few would know a couple of songs though, (dont dream its over, better be home soon)

  12. BenKHouch says:

    @MercedesO305 typical aussie mentality…everything that bases itself on aussie shores (music, sports,etc) and does well…is AUSTRALIAN…blah…

  13. BenKHouch says:

    @MercedesO305 : if ACDC lived in the UK…would that make them a UK band?…or an aussie band that bases itself in the UK?…would there ever have been a worldwide success for Crowded house had Neil Finn not been involved….of course not

  14. BenKHouch says:

    @MercedesO305 , All the songs are written by Neil Finn(the 1 kiwi)…hes the talent of the group WITHOUT DOUBT. at any stage if 1 of those others members were to leave or die* there would be no impact whatsoever of the quality of the sound…even Finn says it himself, NZ is home but Australia is their base.

  15. MercedesO305 says:

    Wait two Australians, one Kiwi, and American and they first recorded in the US. How are they a Kiwi band?

  16. BenKHouch says:

    *IF* you had to name a band that crowded house was inspired by or is similar too…it would be split enz…simple as that

  17. BenKHouch says:

    just to let all the australians out there know… crowded house are a kiwi band…not aussie

  18. One of the most etheral, beautiful little lullaby-like songs I will ever hear.

  19. bethmeggis says:

    An absolute jewel of a song.

  20. LennonsCafe says:

    Neil Finn is a legend. He always reminds me of Paul McCartney. How’s that for a compliment???

  21. cyclonus38 says:

    This just typical undertstated Crowded House talent.

    As for the Beatles references, ridiculous. Paul Mc rated Neil Finn as one of the best in his own right.

  22. Amazingly Beatlesque!

  23. MrSqueezefan says:

    crowded house and squeeze are more like the beatles than oasis. I love this song. love you pam . want to talk to you , miss your voice. xxx next gloria meantime

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