crowded house not the girl you think you are live

September 25, 2009 10 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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10 Comments to “crowded house not the girl you think you are live”
  1. stevies5 says:

    Wish I could sound as good as that when my voice goes down.
    Class song, class singer.

  2. pennmannfinn says:

    “Lost his voice” someone said. Haha. Go listen to studio pop crap some more. Touring in a real band leaves you a little hoarse sometimes. Mccartney wasn’t note perfect for every performance either. NOBODY is perfect for every performance. People that listen to the crap of pop don’t understand that.

  3. 160271 says:

    One of the most hauntingly beautiful records ever!! Could have a Lennon/McCartney signature on it, and the world would agree what a great songwriter Neil Finn is

  4. Poor Neil, having trouble with some of those notes. Still, a gorgeous song

  5. shadester11 says:

    Perfect! If angels released their inner-most secret thoughts into your waiting love-hungry ears, surely they wouldnt sound as heavenly as this…wonderful!!

  6. leanda27 says:

    well from a girl who defo thinks shes the girl she is – thanks for this vid. another great song from neil effen gorgeous finn.

  7. Love the bit at 00:47 when the camera nearly hits the bass player!

    This was the first time i heard this song – still may be my favourite version!

    Thanks for posting!

  8. My lovely Crowdies, w/ Mark Hart sounding fab on keyboards & backing vocals!

  9. Loeke says:

    Lost his voice. Still great!! One of the best!!

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