Crowded House – Nails in My Feet

May 30, 2008 24 Comments
Flamingo206 asked:


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24 Comments to “Crowded House – Nails in My Feet”
  1. tunsatube says:

    Neil Finn you truly are a genius.

  2. grinner76 says:

    Much better than the ones they do now, though. Most videos today only show rappers wearing big chains round their necks, driving expensive cars and having girls with their asses and tits showing dancing around them. Whatever happened to originality/creativity, I wonder…

  3. babachewbaba says:

    @ady10001 God is in us all.

  4. Aaaaahhhh 90s videos. Soooooo ridiculous and cheesy. Great song though!!

  5. 21Twilight says:

    One of many wonderful Crowded House songs. Thanks so much to those guys :)

  6. Weareallnuts says:

    Yes he definitely does. No other human has ever touched my spirit the way that Neil has. No one. Everyone says my voice is the female version of his. We’re strangely connected in some way…

  7. ady10001 says:

    He speaks to us through our lord Jesus Christ.

  8. wolffund says:

    Great songwriter

  9. shpankyfunky says:

    awesome!!! love you neil :X:X:X

  10. babachewbaba says:

    There is a god… and he speaks to us through Neil Finn.

  11. ralan40 says:

    best crowded house song…(imho)

  12. ValterBand says:

    It’s from “Together Alone”album,from 1993.One of their best songs.

  13. smddy64 says:

    class song from a class band. the best.

  14. dascurl says:

    i’ve been listening to these guys for 20 years.sense the splitenz,neils solo stuff is good too,20 years later it’s timeless,even as new music comes out.

  15. Truly an oasis for the soul.

  16. Yeaaah! It’s one of the best band! I have no words!!!

  17. awesome! 100% awesome!.

  18. martsteve75 says:

    What album was this from?

  19. MuseChick says:

    hahah well i’m 20 :P

  20. perkypuppet says:

    oh crap that comment makes me feel really old lol

  21. arcadiandj says:

    I can’t find this song on Itunes. Does anyone know where it can be downloaded?

  22. TheVerveFan says:

    yeah i also grew up listening to them. BEST BAND

  23. MuseChick says:

    One of the best bands ever. Dad bought me up listening to these guys, cannot thank him enough.

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