Crowded House – Message To My Girl – Royal Albert Hall

June 28, 2008 13 Comments
jabchick85 asked:

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13 Comments to “Crowded House – Message To My Girl – Royal Albert Hall”
  1. kiwi28 says:

    i was there too :-)
    awesome night – thanks for sharing!

  2. I think i was at this concert. Did he get everyone to make paper aeroplanes out of paper they’d left on the seats and throw them about.

    One of the best concerts ever.

  3. jabchick85 says:

    thanks :-) two girls right next to me were having a very good time (with a bottle of wine) and decided to “party” during this song… to avoid constantly having their hair in front of the camera, I had to move around a bit (therefore the shaky vid)…

  4. I wish I could watch them live. Or even just Neil. Thanks for the clear audio – makes up for the shaky vid :)

  5. fluffydolly says:

    great this song live,never seen live the enz.

  6. mackayand says:

    Neil Finn is the greatest Kiwi ever. This is a really beautiful song, Whenever I hear his voice it makes me want to hop on flight back to NZ.

  7. baranyandi says:

    Yep, that was me :) I have been known to travel to the odd Crowdies gig here and there – since they have yet to come to Hungary.
    They were really sweet to play LTL in Salzburg, weren’t they?

  8. jabchick85 says:

    Hey, wasn’t that you who has also been to Salzburg (like myself) and requested Love This Life ? :-)

  9. baranyandi says:

    I was watching this from the first wow at the RAH and it was a very sweet, private little moment. And the best gig of my life so far :) It was a real celebration and I feel so privileged to have been there…

  10. tcs1988 says:

    thats very debateable! no-one who was there was really quite sure who he was speaking to – there’s a theory that the Crowdies sense of humour means it was the talking clock or something! it was touching at the time though, and a great version of a beautiful song – loved every minute of that gig

  11. shalainey says:

    video not very good but a different and beautiful version of one of my favorites. audio worth it.

  12. 5150sah says:

    Neil was speaking to his wife Sharon I believe!

    Great gig

  13. finnfan4ever says:

    Who was he talking to when he said “I’m singin’ the next one to you”?

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