crowded house mean to me live

September 30, 2009 17 Comments
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17 Comments to “crowded house mean to me live”
  1. LarryArtFx says:

    loved and loving it still xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. ejacobdor says:

    What a gig! Great song too! Finn is a great songwriter. Bravo!

  3. raiokei says:

    i know who this song is written about.

  4. wha65 says:

    It doesn’t get better than that.
    They are great musicians

  5. This live crowd really adds to the performance! I always liked when he says …she had a blind date with destiny….

  6. curt1030 says:

    “The sound of Te Awamutu has a truly sacred ring.”

  7. willisctfan says:

    I love how Neil lets the crowd belt out the 2nd WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!!

  8. out of this world !!!

  9. tahasic says:

    Neil Finn is the best song writer ever

  10. Chimpezium says:

    I was at this concert. best concert EVER!

  11. posadas says:

    Great song!! And Great band!!! “nobody means to me…”
    Crowded house forever!!!

  12. benkata says:

    Thumping drums from Hester!

  13. langkawi13 says:

    I love this song ;) Wish i was there!

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