crowded house love you til the day i die live

October 27, 2009 25 Comments
dankx75 asked:


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25 Comments to “crowded house love you til the day i die live”
  1. edstockham says:

    and your point is?

  2. enz9999 says:

    Sweet memories!
    Messers Finn and Seymour – perfection!
    Hessie – your musical flair and shenanigans are still sadly missed.

  3. steviemax147 says:

    Crowded House Rule!!

  4. 23flowergirl says:

    “I don’t want to hurt you, so forgive me if I tell a lie”

  5. PamelaGJara says:

    I will love you til the day I die, Crowded Housexxxxx

  6. before I was born was dylan and the who and cream and beatles..I came around..and here came alice cooper ..sabbath…zepplin..the clash..split enz….duran duran..hey this great band…right there with them all..grew up on them..and will grow old with them too..

  7. when i am far away … i am always … with you.

  8. ebz92 says:

    It was actually pre-recorded… wasn’t even live :P
    Read that in Chris Bourke’s Book ‘Something So Strong’

    cheeeeeeeky lol!

  9. take heed: start doin’ things in reverse!

  10. agramsci says:

    I believe in doin’ things backwards!!!

  11. terej2lle says:

    Janaury 1st 1987… they performed it 2 days before I was born… cool :D

  12. Incredible- fantastic! I can’t believe how young they all are.

  13. dorcik93 says:

    Well I’m turning 15 in one month ;)
    I can’t remember Hessie’s death too, cause then I didn’t know about Crowded House. Farther polish TV always talked about Easter and Pope’s dying and I think, only any incosiderable music TV informed about Paul ;(

  14. ebz92 says:

    I don’t remember it, because I had no idea who Crowded House were, and I was only 12, I probably didn’t really take much notice of what was happeneing in the world of music at that age… I remember it vaguely, like seeing it on the news and stuff… but I couldn’t tell you how I felt about it at the time.

  15. bluejeckett says:

    You can’t remember Hessie’s death? Geez I must be getting old. It was only a few years ago for heaven’s sake. It wasn’t the Kennedy Assasination. I remember it clearly. I was more affected by it than most suicides I hear about. Hessie was such a joker, but then jokers are often suicidals, I should know, I ‘m one. The more depressed you get the harder you laugh.

  16. Nor would I, I’ll find a way to pay for it, last year mum bought me back a tshirt. It gets worn so much. And when they come back I’ll be going with my mum and her best friend who has a huge crush on Neil. It’s funny. But I NEEEEEEEED to see them when they come back to Brissie!

  17. ebz92 says:

    The second they announce they’re coming to Melbourne… I’m buying tickets!!

    I wouldn’t miss it for the worrrrrllld!

  18. Oh I wish I could’ve gone, my brother hated them, til he heard private universe, such a cool song. Ooh! I wish I saw and heard that!!! I’m going though next time they come here…

  19. ebz92 says:

    Oh yeah… I got the chance to go.. I dragged my sister along although she hates them.

    It was the greatest night EVER!

    And when they played this song, Neil turned up all the distortion on his guitar, and turned up all the levels… it was SOOO loud…

    it was awesome!

  20. oh my god really? im turning 15 this year! i know, i cant really remember hessie’s death but i do remember mum crying. oh im so jealous! you got to see them! mum went… without me…. but she rang me in mean to me and private universe, possibly two of my fave ch songs… they are so awesome… i own farewell to the world too! ;)

  21. ebz92 says:

    oh gosh… thats great.
    We’ll all miss Hessie.. I mean I’m only 15 and can’t really remember when he died…
    but gosh.. listening to Farewell to the World.. he’ll be sorely missed for sure.

    on a lighter note…
    Crowded House sung this on the second night in Melbourne recently…
    I loved it how Neil couldn’t quite hit the notes like he used to be absle to.. he described it as
    “age creeping up on me….”

  22. joshualucas says:

    “anytime paul” hahaha

  23. vics8899 says:

    I will love you till the day I die, Crowded House.

  24. soozll says:

    I have the CD that this song is on..this version is so much better. Neil once said in an interview that he thought it might be better to play live before recording songs..I agree..I like their live performances alot better.

  25. LindazEyes says:

    This number always reminded me of Neil’s early days w/ Split Enz. If you love C.H., check out some of his & his brother Tim’s Enz stuff. They did it all!

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